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Hal's Garage & Auto Body was established in 1959

Hal’s Auto Body & Collision

Hal’s Auto Body & Collision was established in 1959 by Hal Thomas Sr. After leaving the U.S. Navy, he settled in Rhode Island. With his extensive knowledge in all facets of automobile repairs acquired both as a boy growing up in Alabama and through the Sea Bees and the U.S. Navy, he opened an auto body repair shop in the Peace Dale area.

Over the next forty years, his business expanded to include mechanical repairs and moved to its present location on 171 Old Tower Hill Road in 1967.

Hal’s philosophy is simple: Give the client a quality repair at a fair price and stand behind your workmanship. This is how Hal’s Garage & Auto Body has built its reputation and its name is synonymous with Quality.

Since 1967 Hal’s Auto Body & Collision has grown from just a service station to a complete service center including a collision repair center that serves southern Rhode Island.

In 1987, a second generation was introduced to the motoring public. Hal Thomas Jr. or Harold as everyone calls him, joined the family business after finishing his education at the University of Rhode Island. He, along with his father, hold the same philosophies with a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Hal’s has endured the test of time through a commitment to training pertaining to technological developments in automobile design and repair techniques. We have a strong commitment to continuing education and believe in ASE certification for all technicians. Hal’s exercises reasonable care for the client’s property while it is in our possession.

Harold’s Citgo Fuel

Hal’s Auto Body & Collision Center also offers CITGO branded fuel at competitive self-serve prices. Stop in and fuel your car with Citgo gasoline today.

Harold’s Quik Mart is Open 7 days a week! You can purchase the following merchandise:

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  • Rhody Fresh Milk Products
  • Pastry, Snacks & Candy
  • Soda, Juice & Powerade sports drinks
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Know Your Auto Body Rights


I just reported my claim to the insurance company and they gave me some names of repair shops on their referral lists. Do I have to take my vehicle to one of their shops to be repaired?

Absolutely Not! According to RI State Law Title 27 Chapter 29 Section 4, it is illegal for any individual or company to tell you that you have to take your vehicle to a specific repair shop. If you believe you are being pressured by the insurance company into doing something you don’t want to, simply tell them that you are taking your vehicle to Hal’s Garage & Auto Body for repairs and that they are breaking the law by telling you to go elsewhere.

The insurance company wants me to take my car to a drive in claim service center, but I don’t feel my car is safe to drive.

If your vehicle is unsafe to drive in your opinion, make sure you mention that to the insurance company. You do not have to take your car to their drive in claim service center. They can send an appraiser to you. If your vehicle is driveable, Hal’s suggests that you get the insurance company appraiser to review the damage to your vehicle at our facility. This way we can review the vehicle together with the insurance company appraiser which usually translates into a more accurate estimate for you.

I was told to get three estimates to repair my vehicle. Is this really necessary?

No! You don’t even have to get one estimate if you don’t want to. You can simply tell the insurance company where you want the vehicle to be repaired and they will send an appraiser to estimate the damage. It is best if you leave your vehicle here with us at Hal’s Auto Body so that we can review the vehicle with the appraiser. This will often speed up the repair process. If you want an estimate for your own peace of mind that’s fine, but it is not necessary for you to present one to the insurance company because they will write their own.

I can’t get any cooperation from the insurance company. What should I do?

The first step is to try to get a hold of a supervisor at the insurance company. If you still are getting no where after that, you can file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner’s Office at the Department of Business Regulation. Their phone number is (401)222-2246.